Unique hydraulic pushoff provides smooth even distribution of silage. This movement, along with the strong side tines, ensures that the silage is pushed forward at a rate controlled by the operator.

Save Time

Buckrake easily handles 4.5 tons of silage at one time, allowing you to move more material more efficiently and reduce your overall cycle time.

Use Less Fuel

Faster and more effecient than a bucket or a blade, BuckRake saves you time, fuel and greatly reduces stress on your tractor.

Easy to Setup

Easy set up. The BuckRake 3 point mounting system quickly mounts to your tractor. Complete with hydraulic lines and easily installs in minutes.

ALL NEW BuckRake Bagging Bucket!

The BuckRake Bag Filling Bucket is the ultimate time saving attachment for filling bulk bags in busy supply yards or excavation/flood sites. It allows the quick and accurate filling of tote bags with heavy free flowing material such as sand, aggregate, gravel, mulch, topsoil, compost, etc.

Design for:
  • Landscape professionals and suppliers
  • Coffer dams for construction
  • Flood and Erosion control

Watch it in Action

View a demo of different sized Buckrakes in action and on a variety of different tractors. You can also watch the Buckrake opperate in both grass and corn.

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